You can increase your intelligence at any age.
— Dr. David Bardsley

The 2013 TEC Canada Speaker of the Year, David delivers a powerful presentation sure to leave audiences feeling optimistic and ready to make positive changes in their lives. 

Specific timing and formats can be adjusted to suit the clients needs. Keynote presentations from 30-120 minutes. Extended workshops and seminars available upon request. 

Smarter Next Year

The concept that intelligence is entirely inherited and fixed is no longer valid. New scientific evidence demonstrates that the brain is highly plastic and cognitive ability can be increased at any stage of life.

Whether in the workplace or the classroom the ultimate competitive edge is an improved mind. Developing and enhancing cognitive ability is not a process limited to genetics or early childhood; it can be achieved at any stage of life. 

50% of adults experience some symptoms of MCI [mild cognitive impairment] after the age of 40; a condition which is reversible. You will learn the science and the techniques to increase your intelligence. 

Value to Attendees:

Attendees will leave with a 8 step action plan which they can immediately implement to improve comprehension, memory, and make faster better decisions. Whether in business or school the ultimate competitive edge is to possess an Optimum Intellect.

Stress Less, Live More

This presentation will break down the various components of stress. According to David, without acute stress humans would never have survived and evolved as the planet’s dominant species. Chronic stress, however, is for the most part a 20th century condition that is ultimately responsible for many modern-day health problems. 

Value to Attendees:                                                                                                  

Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of exactly how stress robs us of our mental, physical and emotional health. They will learn the physiology of stress, how to recognize the symptoms and what self-directed laboratory tests are beneficial. They will leave with a five step action plan which they can implement immediately to reduce the toxic effects so they can, Stress Less - Live More.  


Are you leading a workshop or retreat and in need of a presenter to help fill out your schedule and compliment your program? David will work with you to create a seamless and dynamic experience for your attendees. 

Contact our team to learn more. 

The Less Than Perfect Child

Growing up with a behavioural or learning disability is never easy; not for the parents, not for the teachers and especially not for the affected child. The past 15 years has seen an unprecedented explosion in the diagnosis of ADHD, Autism, Tourette’s, Asperger’s and a plethora of behavioural and learning problems.

Value to Attendees:

This presentation of hope and transformation will encourage the millions of troubled parents who worry what the future holds for their “Less Than Perfect Child” and inspire those adults who have never been diagnosed, yet struggle daily with behavioural and learning disorders.

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