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The Revolutionary Science

for a Smarter, Happier You

8 Scientific Secrets to a Younger, Sharper Mind

Author & Speaker David Bardsley, retired Oral &Maxillo Facial Surgeon

“ The best way to exercise your brain is to exercise your body! “ David Bardsley ( 70 )

“ The best way to exercise your brain is to exercise your body! “ David Bardsley ( 70 )


Your brain ― and every brain ― is constantly evolving and changing. In fact, there are multiple scientifically proven paths to increasing your memory and IQ ― at any age ― through simple life changes.

Do you ever struggle to recall something you had just been thinking about moments ago? Or have an idea that was fresh in your mind become clouded before you can take action? Eliminate such issues for good using a simple 8-step program!

No matter your age or cognitive abilities, by applying these scientifically proven tips, you can take steps to become smarter, sharper, and healthier ― NOW! 

Contrary to accepted belief, YOU CAN INCREASE YOUR INTELLIGENCE AT ANY AGE! Smarter Next Year presents the latest scientific evidence for improving your mind and staying healthy at all stages of life.

David will change the way you think about your brain.

The bottom line? 


This insightful presentation will give you a foundation of change for improving your health and mind. David provides simple but eye-opening steps to lead you to a healthier & happier life. 


Attendees will leave understanding which components of intelligence they have control over and the latest, evidence based, best practices to increase cognitive function and memory at any age. They will leave with a 8 step action plan which they can immediately implement to improve cognitive ability and memory and the tools to measure this increase on an ongoing basis. 

FEBRUARY 2019, David Bardsley ( 70 ) in San Fransisco, CA presenting Smarter Next Year to a corporate retreat of Vistage CEO’s and partners at Fisherman’s Wharf

FEBRUARY 2019, David Bardsley ( 70 ) in San Fransisco, CA presenting Smarter Next Year to a corporate retreat of Vistage CEO’s and partners at Fisherman’s Wharf

About David ( 70 )

Triple award winning Vistage International speaker and retired Oral & Maxillo Facial surgeon David Bardsley has been a full-time professional speaker, helping individuals increase their cognitive ability and perform at their highest intellectual level. His primary audiences have been groups of CEO's and often their partners , who belong to several organizations including Vistage International and TEC in Canada.

David has one aim: to share this vital information with as many people as possible TODAY so we can all be not only SMARTER NEXT YEAR but SMARTER right now !


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David is amazing! He knows how to grab your attention from the beginning and guide each person to a better understanding of how to increase our intelligence at any age. “

“Highly recommend.”

“ The importance of the educational materials presented were reinforced with his story and presentation.
— Vistage International CEO's Granite Bay, CA February 2019
Awesome topic and delivery . “

“ David’s life story along with his discussion on Mild Cognitive Impairment was most insightful. “

“Several great take - aways from the discussion. Already implementing a couple of strategies to help improve my brain’s health.”

”This was one of the best Vistage talks I’ve seen in eight years or so of Vistage. His personal story was compelling. “

“He was extremely sharp and knowledgeable. The topic was of great interest to everyone. He was disciplined in the timing of his talk. It was very fast-paced, but didn’t seem rushed. He finished right on time. He was great at handling questions as he gave his talk. You can’t get much better than this talk!
— Vistage International CEO's Richmond, Virginia January 2019
Dr. David Bardsley’s workshops and retreats are a great opportunity to better understand your personal capacity to change your life at any age through attention to the brain’s ability to change, and grow, as a result of neuroplasticity. “

”Through personal testimonials, research, established science and humour, Dr. Bardsley will keep you engaged, entertained, and anxious to apply the tools and knowledge you will gain from his sessions. “

”Attending a Dr. David Bardsley workshop or retreat is highly recommended and something you will never forget or regret.
— TEC (The Executive Committee ) CEO'S Regina, Sask July 2018
I needed this to make a change, I am going to take some action now.” G. D.

“I heard Dr Bardsley 6 months ago and added 1 hour to my sleep and 30 minutes of exercise to my day, on the hikes I took the more advance routes!” R. B.

“Great information! Dr. Bardsley brings his personal stories to life and makes the information come alive.” W. M.

“Totally enjoyed the experience, I feel like I can take control of my health and my life now.” J.C.
— Vistage International Portland CEO's & Partners | Week end in Phoenix, AZ Feb 2018

Stress Less.

Live More!


Available in 1, 2 & 3 hour formats

This presentation will break down the various components of stress. According to David, without acute stress humans would never have survived and evolved as the planet’s dominant species. Chronic stress, however, is for the most part a 20th century condition that is ultimately responsible for many modern-day health problems.

Value to Attendees:

Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of exactly how stress robs us of our mental, physical and emotional health. They will learn the physiology of stress, how to recognize the symptoms and what self-directed laboratory tests are beneficial. They will leave with a five step action plan which they can implement immediately to reduce the toxic effects so they can, Stress Less - Live More.

David’s Schedule 2019

January 10 Los Angeles, CA

February 8 San Francisco, CA

February 26 Milwaukee, WI

February 27 Milwaukee, WI

March 2-11 Whistler & Vancouver, BC

March 15-26 Naples, FL

April 13 Naples, FL

April 17 Bonita Springs, FL

May 1-15 Fredericton, NB

June 1-7 Halifax, NS

June 13 Indianapolis, IN

June 14 Indianapolis, IN

June 19 Los Angeles, CA

June 20 Los Angeles, CA

July 10 Rochester, NY

July 11 Rochester, NY

July 17 Pasadena, CA

July 18 Los Angeles, CA

July 19 Phoenix, AZ

Sept 19 Pittsburgh, PA

Sept 20 Pittsburgh, PA

Sept 26 Indianapolis, IN

Sept 27 Denver, CO

October 8 Atlanta,GE

October 10 Washington , DC

October 11 Baltimore, MD

October 16 Providence, MA

October 17 Westport, MA

November 11 Houston, TX

November 12 Houston, TX

November 13 Houston, TX

Nov 14 Winnipeg, MAN

November 21 Los Angeles, CA

December 4 Bismark, MD

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