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“The most effective way to exercise your brain is to exercise your body.” David Bardsley



“13 years ago at the age of 58 , I had my 1st embarrassing senior’s moment in a grocery store just 2 weeks after my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.”

AUTHOR DAVID BARDSLEY (71) at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Fransisco, CA February 2019 delivering his signature presentation SMARTER NEXT YEAR to Vistage CEO’s & partners.

AUTHOR DAVID BARDSLEY (71) at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Fransisco, CA February 2019 delivering his signature presentation SMARTER NEXT YEAR to Vistage CEO’s & partners.

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Smarter Next Year : the 8 pillars to a younger, sharper mind TODAY !

5.0 out of 5 stars. I will stock this book in my office and give out to patients!

I loved his concise yet very overview of the science behind how good health habits actually help the brain. These concepts are explained in the right amount of detail on a level relevant to both physicIans who can use the book to relay the information to patients as well as to lay people.

Couldn’t ask for a more informative engaging read about a very important subject.”

— Dr. Paula Kadison | Internist | Apsen , Colorado

“This book is a gem for sure! Dr. Bardsley has succinctly covered key aspects for cognitive and neurological improvement . This easy to read yet comprehensive book provides evidence - based courage and hope that we can continue to function from a cognitively elite state as we age , ultimately providing a higher quality of life for all .”

— Dr. Wendy Nickerson | Psy.D, Licensed Psychologist (AZ and NS) Nickerson Institute of Integrative Health Training

“5.0 out of 5 stars . A scientific approach to understanding your brain.

The author takes a scientific approach to how the brain works and what one can do to maintain and maximize their cognitive ability. Great suggestions and ideas for changing habits to increase brain power. A must read.”

— Robert T. Holland

” Dr. Bardsley’s handsome book is about embracing the ‘dream’ of taking our ‘Smarter Self’ into our tomorrows by making simple lifestyle changes today . he reviewed the current neuroscience research on our brain’s untapped capacities we can daily activate. Simply Brilliant!”

- Rev. Dr. Stan Errett, B.A., M.ED,D.MIN,R, PSYC. | Playfairville, Ontario

“An informative and enlightening book. Dr. Bardsley points out several ways to improve your cognitive ability, and improve your quality of life, especially as we age. Interesting information substantiated by scientific research.”

— Patricia

“Brilliant work.. a straightforward approach to being a better version of me!

I can’t think of a better book to read to start your New Year off strong”

— Stephanie M. Ede
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Contrary to accepted belief, YOU CAN INCREASE YOUR INTELLIGENCE AT ANY AGE! Smarter Next Year presents the latest scientific evidence for improving your mind and staying healthy at all stages of life. This inspirational book provides simple but eye-opening steps to lead you to a healthier and happier life.

This quick 1-hour read written by Dr. David Bardsley will change the way you think about your brain. The insightful brain hacks provided in this book give you a foundation of change for improving your health and mind.

The bottom line?


Your brain ― and every brain ― is constantly evolving and changing. In fact, there are multiple scientifically proven paths to increasing your memory and IQ ― at any age ― through simple life changes.

Do you ever struggle to recall something you had just been thinking about moments ago? Or have an idea that was fresh in your mind become clouded before you can take action? Eliminate such issues for good using Dr. David Bardsley's simple 8-step program! No matter your age or cognitive abilities, by applying these scientifically proven tips, you can take steps to become smarter, sharper, and healthier ― NOW! Review " Smarter Next Year is the book you have been waiting for...[Bardsley's] explanations are clear and straight forward and he makes it easy to jump on the trampoline of what and how easy it will be if you are dedicated to keeping your mind sharp and clear. " - Boomer Times "One of the best self-help books you will read, if you can remember where you left the book!" - Canberra Weekly

About the Author For the past three years, retired dental surgeon Dr. David Bardsley has been a full-time professional speaker, helping individuals increase their cognitive ability and perform at their highest intellectual level. His primary audiences have been groups of CEOs who belong to several organizations including Vistage.


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