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Do you know the Buddy the Brain song? Click above!

check it out on facebook and sing along !

Here’s David at a recent book signing with his favorite Brain ambassadors who created the buddy the brain song and sang it for david and buddy for the 1st time !

Here David ( 71 ) introduces his great nephew to Buddy the Brain and WHY he created this brain smart puppet to start the brain conversation with 3-8 year olds… stay tuned for the book !

David shares WHY he created Buddy the Brain

Buddy the Brain was created by David Bardsley in 2018 to spread his Smarter Next Year : 8 Pillars of brain health message to young chidlren. Buddy is an original hand puppet created by Mermaid Theatre in Windsor, Nova Scotia. Buddy teaches children and their parents, teachers and grandparents how to take care of the brain health at any age. Buddy’s adventures and stories share the 8 pillars of brain health for children 3-8 years of age .



David started asking himself, how young can you start to teach people about taking care of their brains, turns out it is 3 ! When David delivers his Smarter Next Year : 8 Pillars of Brain Health to CEO’s around the world he introduces Buddy the Brain as a way of demonstrating how universal the brain health message is and how IMPORTANT is it to start the brain conversation as EARLY AS POSSIBLE. YOU ONLY GET ONE BRAIN! There are no BRAIN REPLACEMENTS. The lecture room or board room always gasps in adoration of Buddy and often Buddy upstages David. David wants Buddy to be THE BRAIN AMBASSADOR to every child on this planet and to the people that take care of the children on this planet. The BRAIN gatekeepers.