Visual Memory Test: A Deck of Cards

Step One: David explains today's memory test.

Step Two: Take the test. 

Step Three: David explains your results and offers advice on what you can do next. Be sure to record your results so you can track your progress over time. 

The ultimate competitive edge?

Optimum Intellect.

New scientific evidence demonstrates that the brain is highly plastic and cognitive ability can be increased at any stage of life. Dr. David Bardsley has created a program to help you increase your intelligence and turn the tables on the Mild Cognitive Impairment that naturally accompanies age. 

Enhanced Program:

The digital version of Smarter Next Year is divided into a series of short modules that you can take at your convenience. Dr. Bardsely explains the theory behind his program and demonstrates his eight step action plan to make you Smarter Next Year. (Filmed in front of a live studio audience.)